Our Know How

Services and the Expertise

Statutory Audit
Expert statutory or private auditing services offered to clients from various industries.

Internal Audit
A systematic and disciplined approach, for evaluating and improving the effectiveness of clients’ risk management, internal controls and governance processes.

Clients outsource their accounting transactions management to us, including the following services provided on a regular basis:

- Issuance of all financial statements and reports (Trial Balance, P&L, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow, …)

- Preparation and presentation to concerned authorities of all direct and indirect tax declarations (Income Tax, VAT, Built Property Taxes, Taxes on Salaries & Wages and other)

- Handling all social security services (Maternity and Sickness, Family Allowances, End of Service, …)

Chartouni & Partners has developed a network of business alliances with specialized IT service providers, integrating their unique skills with various technologies to deliver successful ERP solutions to clients.

From concept to installation, our common objective is to add value to clients’ platforms by reducing risk and cost, while making sure that the solution successfully achieves the exact intended business outcome.

Our approach is based on PMP standards, adapted to our clients’ requirements.

It is the framework within which projects are planned, estimated, controlled, and completed in a consistent manner.

Projects include:

- ERP Consultancy
We advise clients on the product that best suits their structure and needs.

- Application Design & Implementation
We gather and analyze clients’ business requirements, before designing the appropriate application solution.
Then we start the implementation phase which involves programming, testing and/or developing business requirements as defined in the Design phase.

- Training
After full implementation we provide clients with the required technical training for understanding and using the software.

- Customer Support
Our technical team remains ready to support clients in all circumstances.

Tax Review
Our experts review clients’ tax strategies and advise on the best ways to minimize tax liability by optimizing their position while staying compliant with local and international laws.

Litigation Assistance
We develop all necessary financial documents or studies needed to back clients’ position when they are in litigation with any third party.

Restructuring and Liquidation Services
We share with clients all available expertise in best practices for restructuring and liquidation issues.

Corporate Tax Filling
Our Tax Advisors guide clients in calculating their taxes and filling all documents related to direct and indirect tax declarations (VAT, Income Tax, …)

Social Security
We prepare and coach our clients in declaring all documents and contributions related to social security matters.

Financial knowledge is key for monitoring business results.

Our coaches provide clients’ staff with customized financial trainings that best suit their business, through programs tailored to address the different levels of employees.

Our coaching structure is flexible; whereas each program is specifically designed to meet each client’s unique needs and availability.

Our clients come from various industries such as: banking, automotive, engineering, manufacturing and other.

Below are some of our courses:

Basic Accounting Principles
- International Accounting Principles
- Accounting: A Managerial Information System
- The Financial Statements: Risks and Profitability

Financial Analysis
- Working Capital: Origin and Uses
- The Financial Profit
- Operating and Financial Leverage

Financial Ratios Calculation and Analysis
- Utility and Actual Use of Ratios
- Return on Equity and its Components
- Current Ratio, Acid Test, Defensive Interval
- Asset Management Ratios (Working Capital and Operating Cycle)
- Profitability Ratios
- Financial Leverage Ratios
- Financial Market Ratios
- Financial Statements Horizontal and Vertical Analysis

Flows of Funds
- Sources and Uses of Funds through Cash Conversion Cycle (CCC) Understanding
- Cash Flow Management
- Measuring Cash Flow Cycle
- Cash Flow Planning and Forecasting
- Use of Special Accounts
- Short Term Financing

Budgeting and Forecasting
- Strategic Planning
- Sales Forecast and Expense Budgets
- Budgeted Financial Statements
- Cash Budget
- Technical Tools and Financial Models
- Budgeting Process

Management of Capital
- Financial Leverage
- Cost of Capital
- Cost of Equity and Risk
- Payback, IRR, Discounted CF, NPV
- Financing Decision
- EBIT/EPS Comparisons

Risk Exposure from Foreign Operations
- Economic Exposure
- Accounting or Translation Exposure
- Contractual or Transaction Exposure
- Country or Political Risk

The Foreign Exchange Market
- The Organization of the Foreign Exchange Market
- Spot Transactions Versus Forward Contracts

Hedging Contractual Exposure to Currency Risk
- Hedging with Forward Contracts
- Hedging with Futures Contracts
- Hedging with Option Contracts
- Which Hedging Technique to Choose?

Hedging Long-Term Contractual Exposure to Currency Risk with SWAPs
- Currency Swap Contract and techniques

The Relationships among Exchange Rates, Inflation Rates, and Interest Rates
- Exchange Rates and Inflation Rates: The Purchasing Power Parity Relation (PPP)
- Inflation Rates and Interest Rates (Fisher effect)
- Exchange Rates and Interest Rates: The Interest Rate Parity Relation (IRP)
- Forward Rates and Future Spot Rates
- Putting It All Together

Through our consulting services, we stand by clients and provide them with expert support in Corporate Finance, Enterprise Risk Management, Business Process Optimization, Business Plans, Restructuring, Policies & Procedures, Strategic Planning, and Corporate Governance.

Our global expertise allows us to support clients in determining the value of their business; whether they are looking to sell, to buy, or to restructure their current operations.

We work with chief financial officers on finance organization, portfolio strategy and major investment decisions, ensuring that M&As and other transactions are consistent with overall strategy.

We provide full support to clients wishing to extend their business to Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Our expert consultants walk the client throughout the whole process, starting from the business plan development, until reaching the company establishment in the country of destination.

Chartouni & Partners is a listed Consultant in Lebanon for the EBRD (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development) and for the USAID.

As such, we are entitled to introduce to them struggling SMEs, seeking to finance their business expansion strategy.

With the financial support of EBRD and USAID, we help our SME clients to transform, to grow and to go global.

Chartouni & Partners provides the needed business advice. And we can confirm that when we come back to assess results one year after, the wide majority of our projects are rated “successful” as per EBRD and USAID standards; meaning they “resolved the business’ need and had a significant impact on the performance of the company”.