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Chartouni & Partners
About Us

When it comes to Audit and Consulting, Chartouni & Partners has it all: the services and the expertise.

SINCE 1969
Founded 53 years ago by the late Nabil Fouad Chartouni as an Auditing firm.
It was swiftly accredited by the “Association of Certified Public Accountants” in Lebanon. Following very rigorous requirements, it became a Certified Public Accounting firm, offering audit, accounting and tax advisory services.

SINCE 2020
With a restructuring of its management team, Chartouni & Partners is expanding its scope of services and gearing itself towards the global scene.
The international audit and consultancy expertise of Georges Nabil Chartouni (Managing Partner) and Muriel Conchon (Partner) features good years with Big Four companies in Europe and brings to the firm the know-how in serving large multinational businesses across various sectors.

"Capitalizing on more than 50 years of market experience, we’ve brought together the right ensemble of consultants who optimize your business to save your time, with guaranteed carry-forward effect."

Georges Chartouni
Managing Partner

The company serves businesses of all scales and industries, offering a range of advisory and technical services through best practice solutions in: audit, accounting outsourcing, tax advisory, financial coaching, business development consulting, and SME support.

Through a main office in Lebanon and new offices in Cyprus, Chartouni & Partners now serves clients across the Middle East, Africa and Europe.

At Chartouni & Partners, we believe in a ‘partner’ relationship with our clients, promising them Creative Quality, Integrity, Confidentiality and Objectivity. We work closely with them to gain a thorough understanding of their environment, business strategies and aspirations, as well as of their strengths and weaknesses.

It is how we accompany them as ‘Partners’, optimizing their performance and providing them with the support they need to reach their business goals.

"To us, Auditing & Consulting is a profession with a vision; and that is the reason we have excelled. By trusting in our vision to grow with our customers and trusting in the process we lay out together."